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Moms love that Fruit–Fulls™ pouches have all natural ingredients.

Even the busiest, on-the-go families need to take a break for snack time! Kids and moms alike love these yummy, all-natural and mess free treats! We gave 100 moms Smucker’s® Fruit-Fulls™ pouches to share with their families, and it’s no surprise - they couldn’t get enough of them!


I couldn't believe the ingredient list. Seriously...just fruit.


It was pure even had seeds from the berries in it!


My son loved them! He said they're his favorite! I liked them as well!


The package is very convenient and easy for the kids to eat on the go - no spoons needed!


It was all natural, nothing artificial, tasted great.


They were prefect for an afternoon snack around 3 to hold over the kids until it was dinner time.


I like that they are all natural, they are very convenient to store and carry.